Name: Lindsey Almenas | Title: Vice President, Lease Administration

Years in CRE: 11 | Years with M&A: 3 | Nickname: Linds

Best M&A memory: Working alongside my colleagues during a community service event exemplified how well we collaborate both in and outside of the office.

Organizations: Friends of the Public Garden, Animal Rescue League

Alma mater: LSU | Post grad: Boston University Center for Professional Education

A little about Lindsey

Lindsey’s role is key to our process; she is the person who makes sure all the hard work that went into negotiating favorable lease terms remains intact and adhered to by landlords. She does this by helping our clients manage their leases in real time through our database. What that means is she translates the lease into simple to understand language and works with our clients to help them better understand their ongoing lease obligations. Daily, she oversees our client database to ensure all critical dates are monitored.  Lindsey also reviews our clients’ expenses and determines if costs billed to our clients are allowable per their lease agreements. If a discrepancy is found, Lindsey works with the client and their landlord to resolve any issues. It’s a good thing she likes to forensically look at numbers and understands complicated lease language. Lindsey admits to being addicted to highlighters – which kind of makes sense. And she pretty much can’t start her day without a piping hot cup of chai tea.


Lindsey has been such an asset to our real estate efforts, constantly drawing attention to hidden issues that our team might overlook, striving to maintain an organized system of viewing and interpreting our many lease contracts, and most importantly, finding solutions to each and every problem along the way. She is also a wonderful friend, and we truly enjoy having her as an extended member of our team.”

Lauren Ramsahai

Finance Associate, MFS