Name: Linda Hallett | Title: Associate, Lease Administration

Years in CRE: 17 | Years with M&A: 4

What do you like most about lease administration? Ensuring the client is being billed correctly and saving them money when they are not. It’s rewarding to find hidden money – not to mention the client is very happy when that happens.

Organizations: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, American Cancer Society

Alma mater: Dean College

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A little about Linda

Linda oversees and manages our clients’ portfolios – which is no small feat when you’re talking thousands of leases. She is entrenched in reconciliations, invoices and legal documents on a daily basis. Good thing being organized is in her DNA. She’s as left brained as they come and isn’t afraid to admit it. True to form, her motto with leases is double check and check again. To her, there’s never enough oversight. Busy with both retail and office audits and calculations, Linda spends most of her time on site with clients ensuring they don’t overpay a dime on their rent or utilities. Friendly and approachable, she gives clients peace of mind and helps them develop a better understanding of their portfolios as a whole. As lifelong Franklin residents (or as she affectionately says “townies”), Linda and her husband are usually spending a quiet night around her fire pit, prepping for a tailgate with family to watch the Patriots or in search of the best chocolate in Massachusetts. After work, you can find Linda putting in her Bose earbuds before a long, relaxing walk.


Linda has been the backbone of our lease administration and lease audit team for several years. She is committed to ensuring that we are not overcharged by our landlords, and she is able to communicate intricate retail and office lease issues effectively. Linda works well with our legal team and provides outstanding service to our internal customers.”

Steve Jackson

Real Estate Program Manager, Bose