Name: Bill McCall | Title: President, Founder

Years in CRE: 53 | Years with M&A: 28

Why M&A?: We felt there was an excellent opportunity in the market to just represent tenants exclusively and provide strategic consulting, so we did it.

Awards: 1996 CBA Broker of the Year

Organizations: PRIM Real Estate Committee, Dana-Farber Trustee, Chairman of the Board of the Norman B. Leventhal/Post Office Square Park & Garage, past Chairman of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board

Alma mater: The College of the Holy Cross

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A little about Bill

Though the names on the door are probably a tipoff, it takes no more than a single encounter with Bill McCall to understand that he is the foundation of everything we do here. He’s incredibly kind and welcoming with an ease that makes you feel like you’ve known him forever. A storyteller at heart, Bill isn’t shy about telling us about what he’s learned during the good times and the bad. And every person here will tell you about his laugh. It’s his trademark, and it’s contagious. On the business side, he likes to be kind, gracious and a mix of old school meets new. So, even though he insists on a real person answering our phones, he knows his way around an iPhone. What he loves about real estate and imparts to the company is a sense of entrepreneurialism. This probably all stems from being a Navy fighter pilot for three years where he learned persistence and dedication no matter what situation you encounter. Bill’s known for being bullish about the market, and he’s not afraid to take risks having founded two successful real estate companies in his career. His wisdom in the office is invaluable, and we are lucky enough to hear his stories every day.