Balancing the flexibility needs of a startup with the desire for branded space

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Rapid7, a leading provider of security data and analytics software and services, had outgrown their sublease space where they had been expanding since the company’s inception. R7 came to McCall & Almy with a big ask: they wanted to double the size of their headquarters, move to an area with likeminded tech companies and create a new and exciting branded look for the firm. They desired space designed to accommodate the needs of a fast-growing tech company where they could continue to attract top-notch talent in a very competitive industry. In addition, their new home would also have to meet the demanding electrical and HVAC requirements of a technology company utilizing a highly dense workspace environment. By working closely with our team, Rapid7 achieved a flexible and creative solution in a location they hadn’t expected.


Boston, MA
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Like many growing tech companies, the original thought from the client was a move to Boston’s Innovation District. However, by listening to our client’s needs, we were able to identify a more affordable option (a 20% savings) in the Financial District that let them customize and brand their space to perfectly reflect the company’s culture and personality. The new space is open and promotes collaboration and equally important, the lease lets them expand at a pace that is in line with their growth which helped R7 avoid paying for more space than it currently needed.

We think [the new space] is awesome, and we love it because it’s our own. We wanted something that really embodied our culture.”

Corey Thomas, CEO