In December 2014, Partners HealthCare System had a groundbreaking for a new 750,000 square foot office facility in Assembly Row in Somerville. The campus will have mixed-use retail and office space that will house approximately 4,500 employees. But beyond the numbers, it marks a transformation for Partners HealthCare System. This project is instrumental in bringing positive change by joining together employees who were scattered among more than a dozen different locations around Greater Boston.


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Working under one roof will foster collaboration, increased efficiency and unite the culture. The new building will also translate into cost savings helping Partners HealthCare achieve a major goal of keeping health care affordable.

The Assembly Row project has been a multi-year effort to combine the non-hospital functions of our organization. It’s an opportunity to be more efficient, and it’s part of our system-wide effort to reduce the cost of health care. McCall & Almy is an integral part of the team that is making this happen.”

Tim Pattison, Vice President of Real Estate & Facilities

Partners HealthCare System