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MFS has placed all its real estate in McCall & Almy’s hands. Ranging from a new 300,000 SF corporate headquarters to a small office in Sao Paulo. McCall & Almy has gone to many of these locations with MFS to negotiate the leases for their regional offices. All of the leases are maintained in the McCall & Almy database, so MFS can focus on its core business and not the details of their 35 leases. McCall & Almy meets with MFS monthly to develop a review their corporate real estate strategy around the world.


Boston, MA
London, Sao Paolo, Frankfurt, Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Luxembourg

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Sf of transactions

Over 800,000 SF

The negotiation was spectacular – these representatives are master negotiators and they are tenant rep, so they are not trying to curry any favor with landlords around the city. They are very comfortable taking a very hard line with some of the biggest landlords in town.”

Amrit Kanwal, CFO