"McCall & Almy gets involved in a different way. They are truly relationship-based. We can do things with them simply on a handshake."

Dave Keleher | Chief Financial Officer / Dynamics Research Corporation

What makes us different? First and foremost is our people. Our senior management and employees are the best and brightest real estate professionals in Boston and are true real estate experts. Our dedicated team offers trusted advice, customized real estate strategies and sophisticated analysis to produce pragmatic solutions to complex real estate matters.

Our pure commitment to tenant representation is another significant feature that distinguishes McCall & Almy from other firms. We never represent or act as a landlord's leasing agent. Why? So we can act exclusively on your behalf as the tenant's or buyer's advocate, free of conflicts of interest that are inevitable when attempting to represent both landlords and tenants. Since the negotiation process is adversarial in nature, the freedom to independently represent one side of the transaction is crucial in serving the client's best interests.

Our corporate structure fosters teamwork and collaboration, which delivers superior results for our clients. We truly understand the many different stages of the commercial real estate process and are committed to being the best business advisor on decisions that impact all aspects of our client's real estate objectives.